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Google Search Console - SEO services by Forge Online

Google Analytics and SEO

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that’s available free of cost from Google. Once successfully installed in your website, it provides a comprehensive reporting system to measure website traffic and behavior on your site, how people reached your site, how long they visited for, and even allows attribution of a sales on your site (if you have eCommerce) with a lead source, like Adwords or even Facebook, for example.

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Mobile friendly websites design

Forge Online Go-Live Process

To help you with finding the above, first identify who your domain name registrar is: (domains4less for example), check the records you have on file from them, and if necessary contact them. They will let you know your domain name registrar details details. We, as your web developers, generally do not need your UDAI code. That’s the short and sharp message, if you want to know the techy details, read on.

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Forge Online Websites - Supported Browsers

Browser Compatibility

Nowadays people use a variety of hardware (i.e. notebooks, iPads), operating systems (i.e Mac OS 10) and browser software (i.e. Safari, Google Chrome) to surf the web and check out your web site.
This is a fast evolving space, and last year’s technical standard is likely to be different to next year’s.
Here is what you need to know about your web site and its compatibility.

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