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Getting the right traffic to your website:

This is the perfect option for when you run short term promotions and need a quick result. SEO services will gain you long terms results, but you can’t always wait for your website to gain traffic organically. Google Adwords will drive traffic instantly and can be highly targeted to people who are ready to become your customers.

…Adwords helps you get instant results and build brand awareness.

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Google Adwords drives traffic to your website

Let’s face it, not all websites can get to Google’s page 1 organically. There are after all only 10 slots on page 1! If you are in a competitive market, or just need to get people to your website as soon as possible, Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click advertising is the logical choice. Combine that with a long term growth strategy to build website visitors through SEO and you’ve got a combination for success. Forge Online also offers smart Google re-marketing campaigns to keep reminding people why they should come back to your website!

Website design Auckland - by Forge Online
Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Google Adwords Campaigns – Get results, now!

It’s a harsh reality, but most websites just can’t get into Google’s first page ‘organically’ without doing a lot of SEO work. Running a Google Adwords campaign means that you can get first page placements and bring visitors to your website instantly. That means you don’t have to rely entirely on organic ranking in Google to get the results you’re after. Google Adwords is perfect to use in conjunction with other kinds of promotion like radio, television or print media, as it reinforces your message across several channels. More and more people are finding what they want online, so don’t miss out on this rapidly growing source of business leads!

We’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to get the very best out of your Google Adwords campaign. Working out what keywords the ideal Adwords campaign includes, what your budget should be, and when to execute campaigns can be a challenge. At Forge, we’re experts in working out how to get the best results for your business and will help manage the details so that you can carry on with what you do best!

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We help you achieve your website goals.

It’s really important that if you’re getting visitors to your website via Google Adwords or any other lead-source that you also manage to get them to do what you want them to. It might be about making a sale, getting an enquiry, or just having the viewer read your texts. We can assist with setting up, managing and rectifying any conversion pathway problems.

Website design Auckland - by Forge Online
Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Connecting Adwords with Analytics

We’ll connect your site with the Google Analytics package that will enable us to find areas on your website for improvement on it’s performance. Analytics are crucial in identifying any issues with your website’s ability to attract business, tracking progress of campaigns and establishing better practices for the future. We can also connect this tool with your Google Adwords campaign to give you measurable return on investment.

Keyword Research

We establish a foundation for all your SEO (search engine optimisation) or Google Adwords campaigns.

We find out what words people are actually using to search for what you offer. It’s really important to get this right – so we include it with every single website we build, and it’s the foundation of any Google Adwords campaign too. If you’re not using the right words in your campaign, it’s not going to attract the right kind of traffic. For Google Adwords, it’s also important to find out what negative keywords to use in your campaign. Talk to us about how to get results and return on investment now!

Website design Auckland - by Forge Online


Our writers can create engaging and compelling copy for your website.

As an integral part of the success of any Google Adwords campaign, writing effective copy for websites is not an easy task. We don’t assume you can do this, so we work together to make sure your website has engaging and compelling content. Great copy helps ensure your investment in getting visitors to your site pays off.

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About 25% of all users on Google will consider clicking on a paid advertising inside the search results pages. That means there’s a big opportunity to increase the number of visitors to your website. In Google Display advertising you can grow your brand awareness cost effectively by showing display ads to your target demographic. With a click rate of 0.1%, you can display your brand to 1000 people and only have to pay on one click!

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