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Our 100% Mobile Friendly Websites

Every single website we build is mobile friendly and 100% compatible with any size of screen. That means you can get in front of your prospective audience without having them struggle with viewing your website or reading your content. It also means you can get a head start against other businesses who haven’t yet upgraded their website to be compatible with Google’s requirements to get ranked!

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Mobile Friendly with all-screen compatibility

The key to producing great mobile friendly websites is constructing a website system that can re-configure to your user’s screen size, no matter what resolution it is. The use of mobile devices as the first touch-point to a website is increasing every day. It’s been predicted that the use of desktop computers will continue to decline over the next few years, so being able to maintain excellent usability on your website for the smaller screen sizes has become a ‘must-have’ feature.

Waikare Estate - responsive website design

Upgrading your Website to become Mobile Friendly

In some cases, you may be able to upgrade your existing website to become mobile compatible, but generally, we’ve discovered this comes with a whole lot of other problems, like having outdated functions or content that makes it very challenging or even impossible. We know from experience that starting a completely new build is usually the most cost effective way to get everything to work in harmony. If you’d like a no-obligation assessment and quote of what can be done with your site to upgrade it to be mobile responsive, one of our consultants will be happy to take you through an analysis.

How Do Mobile Friendly Websites Work?

At Forge Online, we make sure that mobile friendliness is an essential part of every site that we build. Our websites all respond to screen size rather than try to predict what kind of screen they are viewed on, even when the screen is not a standard shape or size. We do this by creating website content and a structure that can reconfigure automatically for any of those awkward in-between sizes. It also means you don’t have the hassle of updating your main site separately to your mobile site. The Forge Online website is one site that displays differently on each screen resolution. Check out any of our website designs for a demo of how that works!

mobile friendly website responds to different screen sizes

Mobile Friendly Websites and Google.

The mobile friendliness of a website design has now been added to Google’s search algorithm. That means that if your website isn’t mobile screen compatible it has probably already slipped in ranking on Google whenever someone searches for what you offer from their mobile device. From April 21st, 2015, Google has actively penalised non-mobile-compatible websites on mobile-based searches. If you’re not sure how mobile compatibility is affecting your business results, talk to one of our consultants about getting a market analysis and a clear indication of where you fit in.

The Waikare Estate Website utilises Responsive Design to ensure it is mobile friendly.

Shown below responding to 4 different screen resolutions.

iPhone 5

Iphone 5 version of mobile responsive website design

iPad Portrait

ipad version of mobile friendly website portrait

iPad landscape

mobile responsive demo iPad landscape

MacBook Air

mobile responsive demo MacBook Air

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