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“The Catalyst woman has a newfound spirit that is strong and current. Embracing the new and now, traditional codes of dressing are respected but always with a modern twist. The Catalyst design aesthetic is about modern heritage and taking juxtaposing elements and making them unified.”

Elegant and sophisticated. This Fashion Website website design is the perfect match to display the contemporary clothing by Jon Dyball, New Zealand fashion designer. The website’s lines are clean, simple, and monochromatic so as not to interfere with displaying the product. The website function on the highly SEO friendly WordPress CMS extended with the WooCommerce ecommerce system set to catalogue mode allowing browsing and enquiry but not checkout. Creating an ecommmerce-based system means that online purchase and checkout is a relatively minor upgrade down the track and saves re-building parts of the site. A smart move to future-proof the website design.


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