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Ceres Organics is an Australasian¬†supplier of organic foods and food ingredients. Founded in 1982, Ceres’ products are now found in just about every house-hold’s pantry throughout New Zealand. The organic movement is not new, but Ceres makes it accessible and affordable for those who want to make positive conscious decisions about their health and lifestyle.

After build¬†completion and launch of this website, Forge Online handed over management of the further content and structure to Ceres’ in-house digital marketing team so that they could make changes on the fly, as and when they needed. The open source WordPress¬†platform makes websites like this supportable by your own specialists, or any third party suppliers and forms a key point of difference to Forge Online’s product offering to many of our competitors. All of our clients can take true ownership over their website.

While built in WordPress, the Ceres website design is a true technical marvel. Using custom posts, recipe posts, food ingredients and menu planners, the site is a culmination of around 500 hours of custom development, a testimony to Forge Online’s ability to create a solution no matter how complex. We have PHP developers in-house so that technical work being done on the site doesn’t get lost in translation, which often happens when outsourcing services. For the same reason, our in-house SEO services specialist is on hand to help guide any search engine optimisation work for our projects.


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