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Holly is a holistic fitness, nutrition and wellness coach who believes in the powerful connection between body, mind, soul and spirit. She has been in the health and fitness industry for over twenty years and has been on a mission to get as many people as she can in shape and motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living is so much more than just exercising or eating well. It’s a holistic approach. Check out what Holly has to offer on her site, and sign up for a personalised wellness program.

Built using WordPress, this website has a subscriber member section and offers limited free subscription access as well. Many of the functions users gain access to are hidden from public view and can’t be accessed without the subscriber account. This meant adding some custom code to several elements in the site build to achieve Holly’s business goals. The website design is both striking and stylish and channels YouTube videos through iFrames – meaning display and playback of the video content is as quick as getting any content directly from YouTube direct.


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