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Wairau Intermediate School is a variable space state intermediate school dedicated to meeting the academic, emotional, physical and social needs of emerging adolescents.

Located on the North Shore ten minutes from downtown Auckland City, the school offers a wide range of programmes to a school population which reflects the unique diversity that is New Zealand society.

Absolutely fabulous intermediate school website design by Forge Online, and so perfect for the client. Looks just like you’d try to visualise but never be able to express, yet Forge got this one bang on. This is a dynamic single-page build in WordPress.


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“We were approached by Forge to update our website.  I was already very keen to bring the website into the 21stcentury and even more keen to have a website that no other school had.  Each site I visited felt very much ‘paint by numbers’ and I wanted Wairau’s to be different.  Forge seemed to quickly understand this and we spoke at great length about what we were looking for and what it needed to do.  Forge have done a great job and we have had many compliments in the short time it’s been up and running.  They provided us with some training, and as they use WordPress, using our website is relatively easy.  Thanks Forge.  Great Job.  Highly recommended!”

Kylie Fullerton
Wairau Intermediate School

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