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Our commitment to ethical SEO services:

We’re not about selling you a fixed-price package that you don’t need. Our SEO work always starts with a full analysis of your website, investigating opportunities and assessing digital marketing needs for your business as a whole. We’ll recommend a strategy that’ll give you long term gains and a return on your investment.

…that’s exactly why our SEO clients trust us to deliver.

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Why SEO?

It’s really as simple as this: We provide services that will benefit your business and build greater profitability for you in the long term, we don’t fixate just on ranking, we focus on gaining you real tangible returns! All SEO techniques we use are 100% current and Google-approved, and our expert analyst is certified by Google. Choose us. We’re confident that you’ll start reaping the rewards.

Having a website and not getting SEO work done on it is like owning a house without a door!

Website design Auckland - by Forge Online
Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Keyword Research is an essential part of any successful SEO service

We establish a foundation for all your current SEO services.

We figure out what keywords people are using in Google to search for what you offer. It’s really important to get this right – so we include it with every single website we build. If you’re not using the right words on your new website, it’s not going to attract the right kind of traffic! Our keyword research services are also available for application to other digital marketing campaigns like social media and Adwords too.

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On-Page SEO services

Get better search engine ranking with on-page SEO services.

On-page SEO is the most effective way to get great ranking on Google and encourage visitors to come to your website. We offer all aspects of on-page SEO and will tailor services to your business needs – not just supply you with cookie-cutter solutions. You can rely on us to provide the most effective services first and foremost, and plan out a way for your business to succeed online. Our on-page SEO is compliant with Googles webmaster guidelines.

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Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Google Webmaster Tools

Speed up indexing in search engines and resolve indexing problems.

We can get your new website into search results quickly and effectively via Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). For existing websites, Search Console also enables us to check your site for any issues that could be preventing better search engine ranking, and more easily resolve them. Our expert analysts can often pick out subtle issues and will provide the optimal solutions to improve.

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Image and media optimisation

Maximise the effectiveness of images and other media online.

Image and other media are great to have on your website to assist with engagement and conversions, but unless they are optimised, provide little or no help in getting your website ranked in search engines. We’ll help you identify opportunities, and resolve any issues with image alt tags for the best possible result.

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Website design Auckland - by Forge Online
Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Copywriting for Web Content

Our writers can create engaging and compelling copy for your website.

As an integral part of SEO and other content marketing services, writing effective copy is not an easy task. We don’t assume you can do this, so we work together to make sure your website has engaging and compelling content. Great copy also includes the use of the right keywords to attract Google search traffic to your website.

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Link Building

Show the world that your website offers great value and interesting info.

Off page SEO services : In the last few years Google have updated the way it regards inbound links to your website. We have up-to-date techniques to stay abreast of those updates and keep inbound linking as an effective way to promote your website and improve it’s overall trust ratings and ranking. If your website is currently being affected in a negative way due to bad links, talk to us, we have the expertise to assess and repair your online reputation.

Our strategy to get links is to help you create the kind of content people want to link to, then promote that content via social channels, email marketing and effective PR.

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Website design Auckland - by Forge Online
Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Google Analytics

We’ll connect your site with an analytics package that will enable us to find areas on your website for improvement on it’s performance. Analytics are crucial in identifying any issues, tracking progress and establishing better practices for the future. Google Analytics is a complex tool, and we offer hands-on management and analysis. We can integrate data from Adwords, Search Console and Analytics in Google Data Studio and build you a dashboard that allows you to easily track the data that is important to your business.

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Local search engine optimisation services

Get your website found by a person searching for locally supplied products or services.

It’s important to optimise your website to be congruent with local search listings like Google Maps. We’ll help you establish a local search listing, and resolve any conflicts or issues on the web that might reduce your website’s effectiveness for localised product or services searches.

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Website design Auckland - by Forge Online
Website design Auckland - by Forge Online

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We help you achieve your business goals.

If you’re making the effort to get visitors to your website, it’s really important that you also get them to do what you want them to while they’re there! It might be about making a sale, getting an enquiry form submission, or just having the viewer read your texts. We can assist with setting up, managing and rectifying any ‘conversion’ problems.

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Social Media Integration

SEO services often involve using Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+
Create a buzz in the marketplace, and get lots of great visitors to your site.

Assessing opportunities, no matter where they are, will mean looking at Social Media as an excellent way to market and advertise your website. We’ll discuss opportunities with you and help you create effective and easy-to-manage Social Media marketing campaigns. The power of Social Media can’t be ignored.

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Website design Auckland - by Forge Online


We’ll make sure your website is reaching the right audience.

Well assist you in figuring out how to reach the people you really want to reach. Checking that your website is going to appeal to your target market, design choices, geo-targeting your marketing, Adwords, local search and many other factors will go into making sure the website gets in front of the right audience. Don’t miss valuable business opportunities by failing to place your online marketing in just the right places.

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Google Adwords Campaigns

Get results, now!

Adwords campaigns can be a huge waste of money if they are not assessed and analysed for rates return on investment. Working out what the ideal Adwords campaign includes, what you budget should be, and when to execute campaigns is an ongoing challenge. Forge offers campaign establishment, management and optimisation.

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Did you know?

SEO (search engine optimisation) has changed a lot in the last few years. Search engines like Google want to provide their users with a great experience online so that they keep coming back again and again. The way they achieve that is by providing a list of quality websites ranked at the top of their search results. Gaming the system is now not only harder, but also ill-advised. The only ‘trick’ to getting ranked in Google for the long term is to create a great website that people want to visit.

Zend Certified PHP Developer in-house.

Google Analytics IQ Certified Analyst in-house.

Google Analytics IQ Certified

New Zealand’s # ranked SEO services specialist.

SEO services


Keyword research remains one of the most fundamental parts of delivering SEO services. That’s because when someone searches for something on Google or Bing, they’re using the words that they think best represents what they are looking for. It might not be what you think it is, and it might vary quite a lot from one person to the next. Performing keyword research for SEO is therefore an indispensable part of the first stage of any SEO project, because it’s critical that we find out what words people are actually using in search,we get proof, and then we optimise for that.

Keywords kindof fall into several different categories, but lets look at some of the basics:

1. Broad keywords. These are words that could mean quite a few different things, and are not necessarily the right words to optimise your website for. They’re typically fairly generic, like the word “clothes” for example. That’s probably not the best keyword to optimise for if you sold safety clothing, despite it being closely related.

2. Long-tail keywords. These are keyword phrases that have 2 or more words in them and are often the best words to optimise for, but they tend to have far fewer searches occurring. An example might be “fluorescent safety clothing”, which might be a part of what you do, but brings you little traffic on its own.

3. Morphological matches. These are words that match your product or service that look the same or closely the same. For example “clothing” is a close match to “clothes”.

4. Semantic matches. These are words that have very similar meaning to what your product or services are, but don’t contain the same words at all, for example “menswear” is related to “clothes”.

As part of our SEO services, we’ll give you frank and honest guidance as to which words would most likely deliver a return on investment for you. That’s most likely to be your main goal too. We don’t set any limits on the number of keywords you want to optimise for, but there might be some practical limitations on how to implement keywords into your website. Usually, a single page in your website can be optimised for open or two keyword phrases, and we’ll guide you on how you can optimise for many more within the same page via a morphological or semantic matching strategy – this is something we specialise in and is part of what helps us gain top rank positions ourselves.


SEO services that we deliver are mostly ones that affect your website outwardly or via code within each page. This is called “on page” SEO and represents the major part of all SEO services for current Google algorithm requirements.

In recent years Google has become more and more focused on delivering quality search results for great websites that people actually want to read, buy from, or otherwise engage with. That means the need for your website to provide an excellent user experience and a easy-to-follow user interface is more important than ever before. That also means that SEO work has evolved to include a lot of layout planning, content writing and structural work that has a direct and immediate effect on how your website looks and functions.

Our in-house SEO copywriting service is available for any content writing, or you can write content yourself that we engineer for best SEO result. It’s up to you, and we’ll fit around your need to remain within a budget.

The consequence of changes to Google and the requirement for on-page SEO work is that website owners can’t simply get their SEO services done invisibly in the background any more. That used to be the case, but those days are now part of search engine history. To get a website ranking higher in both Google and Bing, the clear advantage that top-ranked websites have is in their visible content. Links and off-page SEO services are still important, but they are now unlikely to deliver great long-lasting results on their own.

One of the specialised services we have available, in case you’re not sure if investing in SEO will help your business, is a full market share analysis and diagnostic of how you are missing out and what opportunities there are for improvement. It’s not a sales-pitch document. Because we work on the principle that we want to partner with your business and help you become successful, we’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of how you can proceed, and you are welcome to do the work yourself. We’re confident though, that once you see what we can offer, you’ll be hiring us to complete SEO services on your website. We want it to be your choice.


How do you know if the SEO services being delivered are working? That’s a really fundamental question that you should get your SEO provider to answer for you. To us, the answer is very simple: You should be generating more business via your website.

SEO is a long-term strategy. It seldom ever makes much of a difference within the first month or two, but after about 3 months of intensive work, you should see the dial shifting at least a little. Measuring that progress is complicated, but we’ll show you how, and are happy to give you 100% visibility on all data.

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is the first and most important SEO measurement tool you’ll need to be acquainted with. It’s free from Google, and we’ll connect your website with its services and add you as a user so you can log in and view data any time you like. GSC is a reporting tool that indicates what activity is happening in Google search that relates directly to your website. It shows what searches have been made that relate to your website, where it ranks for those search, how Google sees your site and much more. GSC is the essential tool for all Google SEO services we provide.

Google Analytics (GA) is also an every-day use tool for our digital marketing programmes, but instead of indicating how your SEO campaign is going, it shows what your visitors are doing within your site once they get there. Not strictly an SEO tool, but closely related and highly indicative of how your website performs in getting the right people to your website. From GA you can measure where you got visitors from, how they where referred to your site, what pages they viewed, how long they spent on any one page, and which page they eventually left your site from.

GA is an incredibly rich source of data, and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s what and if a trend one way or another will be good or bad for your business. Our SEO specialist is a certified Google Analytics expert and holds a GAIQ certificate issued by Google, one of less than 60 in New Zealand to achieve this level of understanding of Google Analytics.

You don’t want to have to deal with all the confusing data? No problem. We’ve also designed a graphic-based report that can show you in a glance if things are on the right track. It’s a great tool you can share with your stakeholders to show progress without boring them with endless technical stuff.


It may well be that your website really doesn’t need SEO services. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Some websites can also benefit little from extensive SEO campaigns, depending on the genre or the niche market they fill. That’s not entirely unusual and we’ll be frank and honest about whether we can help you through an organic campaign or not. Our strategy is to partner with you for your success, so we don’t want you throwing away good money that’s best invested in some other marketing channel.

This is where our holistic approach comes in. We recommend you invest in a one-off detailed report and digital marketing strategy plan for your business. From this, we’ll be able to guide you what channel will be the best investment for your company. Sometimes, (actually quite often) it means us recommending something that makes us less money, but because it works best for you, we think you’ll want to keep partnering with us long term

There are many different digital marketing strategies available, and we don’t necessarily do all of them. If it means recommending something we don’t do, that’s OK, we want your business to grow! Services we do offer in-house are:

  • Google Adwords text-based advertising campaigns including copywriting
  • Google Display Advertising banner adverts including design and strategy
  • Social Media marketing including organic and paid marketing options
  • Google Places / Google Maps local search optimisation
  • Off-page SEO campaigns including content writing and link building
  • Link Detox from your past unsuccessful or outdated SEO campaigns
  • Product photography
  • Graphic Design services, digital retouching and logo design
  • Traditional marketing collateral including design and printing services


Every website that has to generate traffic through organic search engine rank should be search engine optimised. Search engine optimisation is a highly complex science. You should always consult an SEO expert before implementing it on your website, ideally at the beginning of your website build project.

Only about 2-5% of all organic website traffic is sourced from pages other than page 1 of search results.

That means that if your website is not ranking on page 1 for its main keyword phrases, you will be missing out on up to 98% of the available traffic. Even websites that do rank on page 1 can get significantly better results by gaining one place in rank.

If you’re serious about growing your business, Search Engine Optimisation is a ‘must-have’.