Why Choose a WordPress Website

WordPress is easy to use, open source, and can be extended by themes and plugins (web based software).  We believe that our clients should own their websites; and that they should be easy to use and edit anytime. WordPress is an astoundingly powerful and intuitive system that puts all the tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips.

… as simple as that.

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WordPress Website Development

The essential skills for developing a great WordPress site are PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We only hire programmers who are competent in all of these.  Having a team of quality programmers means we can develop your website without being held back by the limitations of a theme or plugin. Our team has the coding skills to modify a theme to meet your business requirements or develop a custom theme just for you. If there isn’t a readily available, reliable and secure plugin that gives the functionality you need, then we have the skills to build a plugin to meet your requirements.

Our developers create the site with an expandable architecture. We add the functionality you need and then hand over the completed site. After the development phase is finished, you can add and delete pages, change images and text, write a blog and push it out to other social media channels all without needing to know a single line of code.

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Why use WordPress as your CMS solution?

One of the greatest things about having a WordPress website is the easy maintenance which will allow you to login and make changes to any of the pages at any time. WordPress is extremely user friendly and incredibly easy to learn. Think of Microsoft word as your user interface and you get the idea. The user can edit their home page, blog posts or any other page with ease by just editing the text or elements in the dashboard of the program. That means you probably won’t have to pay someone to maintain your site or make simple changes for you, which in the long run will save you money.

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What else can a Website Developed in WordPress do?

If you have a precise look and feel required for your website design, or need a particular function developed for your site, we can accommodate them with extra dedicated WordPress features (plugins) or even an entirely custom code that we build in-house. Plugin extensions are designed specifically for WordPress and will only work on the WordPress CMS. From photo gallery to Search Engine Optimisation, polls to booking systems, and even eCommerce, the options are virtually limitless. The WordPress core build is already a fantastic tool. Once our development team adds the extra features, you need you’ve got an excellent online business interface to connect with your market.

Is a WordPress website search engine friendly?

WordPress is extremely efficient for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). With the addition of the Yoast SEO plugin which we include as standard, it can become very powerful at gaining and keeping Google search engine rank. WordPress compares favourably with any other system on the market. A WordPress website that has SEO services applied will often outrank other sites. Forge Online will recommend these additional SEO services for your site if relevant. WordPress also makes excellent use of social media compatibility. Find out more about SEO here.

Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress Developers
WooCommerce website design with ecommerce

WordPress and WooCommerce

The functionality of WordPress is dramatically increased with the inclusion of a powerful plugin called Woo Commerce. Our developers are experts in configuring Woo Commerce. We can set it up to run either as a catalogue system or as an online shop with eCommerce enabled. Our team can assist you in loading products via a CSV file, or we can teach you to add them manually if you prefer. With Woo Commerce, you can easily organise hundreds of products into well-organised galleries with a clear hierarchy and structure enabling your customer to conveniently navigate through the website and find the product they need.